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Montar ESS highwaist fullseat skin Breeches

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Montar ESS highwaist fullseat skin Breeches


Small monogram on thigh. 2 pockets in front.

Technical description:

90 % Polyamide, 10% Elastane.

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Just perfect !

Nothing to say, the pants are perfect, nice cut, material of good quality, very nice horse. The size chart is fine, I followed the instructions and the size fits perfectly. I recommend without hesitation.

Nice but not big.

Pants of a super quality. But for the size I got a fill in the size guide but I skipped the aspect of skin that makes the pants more rigid. Morality take a size above. Otherwise I also expected that the calves are cut wider and longer since it is a Dutch brand (not very long for my meter 72 but longer than the usual pants anyway. just!

Great package

I am 170 cm and 60 kg as well as päärynämallinen. Half a year ago I bought those pants after a long time of thinking about the so-called. from a fur coat to a slightly better pants, and my experience has been quite great. I've gone over the winter with these 1-2 hours per week in the saddle, and often still walking tours to the team with the same trousers, and I am positive surprised by the durability of artificial suede seat! The place is barely noticeably thinned out your inner thighs, and remained, despite rubbing tidy with minimal treatment (I'm So nyppinyt off the studs born chafes extend the service life of the trousers). In addition, it holds just right in the saddle. However, when riding a synthetic bench / composite pad, you may get electric shocks, especially in a lightweight sitting ... Unfortunately, the rider and the horse are upset. The material of the pants is technical, has a smooth surface and is easy to keep clean. Dust, hair and bedding are easy to wipe off, so you don't have to wash your pants very often for dirt. The color is not faded in the pants itself, as in the place. The material of the trousers is polyamide, which is of higher quality than the synthetic polyester used in sports textiles and is noticeable in these trousers. Instead, the elastane is slightly loose. Initially, the trousers were laborious to pull on the foot because of their tightness, but now the dress is relatively effortless, and after washing, the braided fabric will quickly fade into the same pattern due to the heat. So I recommend that you choose as small a size as possible at the time of purchase so that you can fit comfortably over time so that they do not become too loose over time. The seams are also excellent, even though the pants themselves are carelessly sewn. There were quite a few misplaced pieces on the bad side, and to my great disappointment, the Gutos buttons on the waist were not attached to the same line. Fortunately, the sewing threads have lasted better than my previous riding pants (cheap Horze and HKM pants). A plus is the plush elastic soft sock, but be careful with it so that thick seams do not rub surprising blisters on the ankles. The trouser design is also pretty nice: the waistband is comfortably high and lasts in shape, especially with the belt! The only downside is that these too do not provide enough space for my butt while the desert wind blows in the lower back. Fortunately, with a little adjustment (and using a belt) you will achieve a tolerable result. All in all quite a great pair of pants! Definitely worth the price! I will definitely buy other montar pants.

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Montar ESS highwaist fullseat skin Breeches
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