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LeMieux Prosorb Half Pad

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LeMieux Prosorb Half Pad
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LeMieux Prosorb Half Pad
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LeMieux Prosorb Half Pad


Simple and neat solution to adjusting saddle fit. Pads can be variously inserted to make a 'front riser', 'back riser' or correct bi-lateral imbalnce or just create another layer of shock absorption for the horse. Features low profile protection, with shock absorbing inserts allowing you the flexibility to adjust saddle fit.

Technical description:

Includes a set of four 13mm insert pads and set of four 9mm pads.

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Shock absorber Lmeiux Prosorb

Excellent shock absorber to rebalance a saddle when the morphology of the horse changes (loss or gain of muscles or fat) and that the saddle tends to lean slightly forward (tourniquet opening become too wide) or backwards ( opening tourniquet become too narrow) .. Excellent cutting, perfect disembowel that remains in place during work..The sets of slats more or less thick allow to vary more or less the compensation. Attention, this shock is only used if the equilibrium changes of the saddle are minor, if the saddle does not go at all it must be changed, the compensation will not be enough.

correction Spade

When I ordered it another picture .. So not a picture of what it apparently looked like .. The picture represented a correction pad with sheep wool .. Otherwise it works well but not what I thought I ordered.

Class balance pad

Since my young gelding is still relatively unequally muscled, but the saddle should not be adjusted to the crooked, I was looking for a pad which makes minimal changes possible. The pad comes with four thin and four slightly thicker inserts, which makes fitting very easy. The pad can be combined with any kind of valances and be optimally fastened with the saddle stoppers. This means that slipping or not optimizing is no longer possible. After almost four weeks of use you can already see the positive effect and soon the deposits can be taken out again. TOP!

Really good

it is really good and delicious

Size big!

Damage too much obliged to return to get the size below. Delivery time rather long.

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