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Horse Feed & Nutrition

Horse feed is formulated for performance and health. We can provide essential horse nutrition for your entire stable with our variety of feed options.

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Horse feeds are designed to provide essential nutrients to your horse’s daily intake.

Horses in the wild can survive on grass and other plant life but domesticated horses need plenty of access to hay and other easily digestible feed. Feeding grain, oats and combined feeds to provide nutrition safely is an art. Horze offers feeds carefully formulated to deliver the correct balance of nutrition to your horse. When feeding for optimal performance, breeding or pleasure, horses should be evaluated to determine which type of feed and protein level is best for them. Safely feeding concentrated feed is essential to ensure proper nutrition and to eliminate the chance for colic and other illness. Horses should always be offered plenty of fresh, clean water combined with good quality hay or pasture.

Horse nutrition is a basic necessity for the horse owner.

Horse supplements can be used to improve performance or ensure the horse is receiving the daily requirements for a properly balanced diet. Adding a joint supplement can ease stiffness and pain and increase flexibility and range of motion. Nutrition to improve a dull coat could include adding essential oils and improving circulation. Many horses can live happily off pasture or hay only and can balance their nutritional needs while some need added vitamins and supplements for optimal health. Much of this can be related to genetics but sometimes environmental factors can interfere. A horse under heavy work can benefit from added vitamins and electrolytes to replace minerals lost during strenuous exercise. Horze offers plenty of choices for nutrition but it is always best to discuss your horse’s needs with your veterinarian.