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Horse Treats

Horse Treats

Horse treats are offered in plenty of delicious flavours to show your favorite mount he’s loved. Horse snacks are great training aids or for special rewards.
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Horse treats are the perfect reward for a job well done.

Offer a tasty horse treat to your mount after a great ride or as a treat and reward for good behavior. Keep delicious horse treats in your tack box to show your animal your love and appreciation. Carrots are a nice fresh treat but can mold or turn soft. Horse treats are made with natural ingredients and will keep fresh with proper storage. Tasty flavors such as apple, carrot or molasses provide a special snack for your four-legged friend.

Horse snacks can be used for training and are easy to store.

Horse snacks are ideal for training and come in flavors and sizes to keep close for an instant reward. Rewarding good behavior with a tiny treat reinforces practice and is a positive training tool. Be sure to use treats and horse snacks in moderation to avoid spoiling your horse. Horse snacks come in flavors such as apple, carrot, cinnamon, mint and even strawberry. Many of our snacks are created with all natural and organic ingredients so that you have peace of mind that you are feeding your horse only the best.

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