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1800 Premium Silicone Braiding Bands

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1800 Premium Silicone Braiding Bands


Premium elastic bands to primp your horse!

1800 premium-braiding bands arrive in a sealed container ready for primping! Great for braiding the mane and tail. Use different colors to give your horse a trendy look!


  • High quality silicone rubber
  • Packaged in a convenient, lock top container
  • Great for mane or tail
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • High quality silicone rubber
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Very durable braids that can be used for most! The only negative I see with these is that the lid on the box can be a bit difficult to get up, but at the same time it is a very smart storage box!

good knits

Good quality of the connectors and box to have them in, The box lid can be difficult to open. But really recommend these! :)


Very good and durable knitwear that can be used for most! Highly recommended :)


No end to the rubber loops right away! Preferably, a large can of silicone is more durable than a conventional rubber band. Even if you could get brown too!


Super Elastic, very '' elastic '' without this break. Very good colors too.

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