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GEOHORSE® is for everyone who values their independence and wants to know that their horse is secure.

Feeling safe and also knowing that our loved ones are safe is important to everyone. And that's exactly what the GEOHORSE® systems offer — the confidence to enjoy riding and all its challenges while staying safe.The functions of the GEOHORSE® systems have been especially adapted to the needs of the horse and rider. The versatile range of functions can be customised as required via the associated software or via your mobile phone.FOR RIDERS:Emergency Call Function:If a threatening situation develops when you are riding or in the stables, you can make an emergency call to up to five contacts of your choice simply by pressing the SOS button.Hands-free Talking:The GEOHORSE®riding system features a hands-free speaker that offers excellent sound quality and enables hands-free communication.GPS Positioning:Thanks to the integrated positioning system with full GPS functionality, the GEOHORSE®riding system can be used to accurately locate riders virtually anywhere.Display:You can request coordinates via SMS or display the location on a map on your smartphone or PC.Geofencing:With the GEOHORSE®riding system, you have the option to define customised virtual “fences”. If the “fence” around the pre-set area is crossed, the system automatically sends a message to the emergency contacts.No-go Zones:You can also set specific “no-go” zones. For example, if the rider enters an area with busy streets that has been set as a “no-go” zone, the GEOHORSE®riding system immediately sends a message. This function can be especially useful for parents who worry about their children when they are out riding.FOR HORSES:Active Positioning and Searching:When you need to find out where your horse is, you can determine its position easily with three short steps:1. Call GEOHORSE®fence.2. GEOHORSE®fence responds with an SMS.3. Look up the horse’s position on a map on your PC or smartphone, or use the coordinates read from the text message.Example Scenario: the horse escapes:Every minute counts if your horse escapes from the paddock or the stable, or bolts when out in the countryside. If your horse continues running while you are looking for it, you have the option to activate “Search mode”. When this mode is active, you will receive an SMS each time your horse moves to a different location. You can customise this setting on your device — for example you may wish to be notified whenever the horse covers a distance of 100 meters.Passive Control:You can even keep track of your horse’s activity without actively sending a location enquiry. GEOHORSE®fence includes the option to define virtual “fences”. A message is immediately sent to you if the horse enters or exits the areas defined by these fences. You can define a “Home zone” (e.g. a defined area around the stable) and the “Flex zone” (a flexible zone, e.g. when visiting other sites or on holiday) either directly on the GEOHORSE®fence device or you can configure the zones via SMS or via the associated software.No-go Zones:You may also find it useful to define potentially highly dangerous locations as “no-go” zones for your horse — these zones could be busy streets for instance. You can define these areas using the associated software or via SMS and you can also define a specific safety radius. If your horse approaches one of these zones, you will receive an SMS immediately so that you can respond promptly.Tracking Function:With GEOHORSE®fence, you can analyse and record the movement profile of your horse — up to 2000 waypoints can be saved. Using the associated software, you can retrieve this information and display the movement profile as a route on a map (street map or satellite view available).


  • Sufficient GPS for precision < 10 meters
  • Arbitrary emergency contacts (e.g. partners, friends, emergency services)
  • High quality hands-free speakerphone
  • Compact and handy design
  • Emergency calls are possible with minimal network coverage

Technical description:

Weighing just 72 g and with their very compact dimensions, both GEOHORSE® products are the ideal companion for every day and every location. Practical accessories such as a remote control (wireless transmitter) are also available.The data at a glance:Size (L/W/H, without charging cradle): 6.8 x 4.0 x 2.7 cm.Weight: 72 g.Battery life: 48 hours (when location details are transmitted at 90-second intervals).Waterproof and shock resistant.GPS, GSM, GPRS, ZigBee..

Usage instructions:

The GEOHORSE® systems can be configured and managed simply via the associated PC software or via your mobile phone: A simple operating concept was a key focus during the development of the GEOHORSE® systems. The GEOHORSE® systems can therefore be used, configured and managed independently even by individuals who are not particularly technology-oriented using a variety of different media.Management via PC software:Special PC software has been developed for the GEOHORSE® products, allowing the emergency call system to be managed easily, even by individuals who are not particularly technology-oriented.

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