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Pony Coolers

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Pony cooler rugs are a must for every tack room. They are versatile and can be used for cooling down the pony after training or for throwing over it for a short time to help it dry faster.

Pony cooler rugs help prevent colds

The most important function of cooler rugs is to help your pony cool down after heavy sweating. You can't always ride your pony long enough after training for it to dry enough before returning to the stable. The sensitive kidney area in particular should always be dry before the pony is brought back from training. 

This is especially true in winter, when the weather is cold and the stable can be a little bit chilly. However, your pony could still catch a call in spring, autumn and even  summer. 

A cooler rug makes it easier for your pony to "sweat it off" so that the coat as a whole dries out more quickly. This effect is achieved thanks to technical moisture-wicking materials

Horze pony cooler rugs in a variety of sizes, colours and styles

We have a wide variety of cooler rugs available in pony sizes, to suit your style and your pony's requirements. With pleats, cross girth, double breast closure, crupper, single closure, and neck pieces - our cooler rugs for ponies have the right fastening options for your needs. 

There is also a wide range of materials - different fabrics with a variety of moisture-wicking properties and additional cooling or warming effects. Of course, you will also find a variety of patterns, trendy colours and designs to choose from.