Pony Turnout Rugs

Pony Turnout Rugs

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Our wide selection of pony turnout rugs includes everything you need to keep your pony warm and dry in style. We have something for every pony, season and taste.

Covering with pony turnout rugs 

Pony turnout rugs are available in a huge variety of styles to suit every requirement and every taste. In winter, the weather can change quickly, and so can the needs of your pony.

Covering your pony, as you probably know from experience, is not always easy. While it can be very cold at night, the winter sun can provide a lot of warmth during the day. The basic temperature in the stable may still be pleasant, but when your pony is grazing in the winter wind, things can become uncomfortably draughty.

In these circumstances, it is important to provide a turnout rug made of suitable materials and the right lining to keep your pony comfortable. You should also consider whether your pony is to wear the turnout rug during the day, during both day and night or only occasionally. This will dictate the type of fastening or additional protections (such as cruppers or leg straps) you require. 

You should also consider the weight of the rug, which can range from 0 to 300 grams or more and offers different levels of warmth depending on the type of filling and the material of the rug itself.

Pony turnout rugs in a choice of styles, colours and weights

With pony turnout rugs from Horze you can cover any pony. Pleats, cross surcingles, double breast closures, tail straps, simple closures - you will find all varieties and designs in our collection, as well as a variety of materials, fillings and weights.