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Pony Stable Rugs & Liners

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Stable rugs and liners for ponies are a trend from America that is slowly but surely conquering the European market. Stable rugs keep ponies clean while in the stable, which is otherwise not a very easy thing to achieve.

Pony stable rugs and liners - like pyjamas for ponies

Stable rugs and liners for ponies are a trend that originated in the USA.  Slowly, the trend is spilling over into Europe. This form of liner serves to protect your pony when it has to wear a rug. Liners are available in different versions. For example, there are mane protectors, to prevent hair from breaking off, even when the pony wears a winter turnout rug with a neck piece for months at a time. The liner can also be used as a tail protector to protect the sometimes sensitive tail.

Stable rugs for ponies

Pony stable rugs are only suitable for use in the stable or in the box, as they are not waterproof. A stable rug can be particularly useful for sensitive ponies, clipped or old ponies, or in case of an illness. 

Here too, you will find various designs at Horze, for example, pony stable rugs with different fillings or different girthing.