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Brilliant rug, outstanding service, superb value

Horze Avalanche PRO Rain Fleece

I am bowled over by this rug. It is a superb fit on my broad-chested, big-shouldered, high-withered, long-backed mare. So many thoughtful design features - the deep gusset positioned on, not behind, the point of the shoulders, for freedom of movement; the chest fastenings for plenty of adjustment and no undesirable pressure points; the unconstricting cut round neck and over withers and the cosy fleece lining. Looks good, too! Thank-you for exchanging it with no fuss for the smaller size - there is plenty of length in the 155cm for a horse who is often 7ft in rugs. She has never had such a well-fitting rug as this one.

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head collar

Horze Arturo Halter and Lead Set

nice quality item and the colour is very dashing, would recommend this to buy.

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Horze Novara Bridle

lovely quality bridle, looks nice and the fit is good. very happy with this purchase

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Horse back warmer

Back-On-Track Back Warmer, 100cm x 100cm

To be honest, it's awful. I can't tell you how well it works because I can't keep it on the horse. It isn't shaped to fit in any way so it doesn't sit flat. With a sircingle over it it walked itself out immediately. I then put the sircingle through the girth loops, and it walked itself and the sircingle backwards. (This is as soon as the horse moved around). I tried the sticky Velcro strip, but that doesn't attach itself to the slippery nylon linings of my summer weight rain rugs. I can't think of another way to hold it on the back of my horse. A breast strap would stop it walking backwards, but I think that would be mighty uncomfortable for the horse for several hours. I have given up. It's folded in my utility room. I guess I'll put it on eBay.

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Latest order reviews

Bought just after Christmas. Really happy with the price and product. Fits perfectly too, very happy

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2 lovely quality headcollars ,good value for money,easy to order and delivered promptly with updates from the company re delivery ,couldn't ask for more ,thankyou

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The halter is great, lovely fit for an Icelandic, its very flexible and great for the winter riding I do on the muddy New Forest. I already had some Kurlund products when I found horze site, the prices were as good as Amazon, but with more variety to choose from in colours. Horze use DPD to deliver, which is much better than Amazons 'logistics' on the day when the halter was due to arrive I was a long way away, got a email from DPD with times of arrival and safe place notification (the amazon one only says 'round the back' DPD let you specify a spot-was there when I got back-have uploaded a photo on my Flo with it, she is 24 years old and sometimes called Mrs Flea as flo means flea in Icelandic.

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