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Body Brushes

Body Brushes

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Body brush

The body brush is a large soft brush used to brush the dust out of the horse's coat. It is usually used in combination with a curry comb (iron curry comb, rubber curry comb or plastic curry comb). After a few strokes in the direction of the coat, the brush is moved against the curry comb to remove the dust from the brush. You can simply tap out the dust that is now in the curry comb. This way, not only is your horse clean, but you also clean the brush. 

In order for you to be able to hold the large surface of the brush, it usually has a hand strap. In our shop you will find brushes made of different materials: synthetic bristles, natural bristles or even horsehair will make your horse shine in no time. To keep your brushes in perfect order, it's best to store the grooming brush and the rest of the grooming equipment in a grooming box or grooming bag. In addition to our own brand, you can also find grooming brushes from Haas, Sprenger and Kerbl