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Cat collars

Cat collars

Cat collars allow you to keep your kitty safe with identification tags or to attach a leash to make transport and containment easy. Cat collars with reflective piping provide safety and visibility to your outdoor cat.
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Cat collars are an easy way to add identification to your outdoor kitty.

Personalize your cat’s collar with embroidery from Horze and keep him safe while he roams the countryside. Add an ID tag with your contact information to help kitty find his way home. Cat collars add cute decoration to your kitty with pretty colors and added features such as rhinestones for bling or fun patterns. Cat collars can be combined with a leash to give your indoor cat a bit of fresh air on a short trip into the yard. Keep kitty safe on a trip to the vet with a collar and leash instead of a pet carrier. Reflective tape on some of our cat collars will help keep your kitty visible in a dark yard or when crossing a busy street after dark.