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Clipping & Trimming

Clipping & Trimming

Horse clipping tools allow you to keep your horse neat and trim and show ready at all times. Horse trimming tools keep whiskers and scruffy hair away.
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Horse clipping is ideal to trim a shaggy coat or to prepare for show.

Horse clipping tools allow you to trim the scruffy parts of your horse to show off a clean, well-groomed look. Clipping can eliminate many hours of grooming. Clipping a long coat will make cool down easier with less hair to dry and will ultimately keep your horse healthy while reducing the risk of chills. Blanketing a clipped horse in winter will ensure he is warm yet can perform under saddle without a bulky heavy coat. Clipping ears, muzzles and jaw lines is part of good showmanship and will offer a clean look to your horse’s head. Clipping and trimming the legs, pasterns and coronet bands will provide a smooth look while keeping bandages and boots from binding or collecting dirt and debris. The clippers and replacement blades from Horze allow you to clip your horse with confidence and make the job easy.

Horse trimming cleans up his look and helps your tack and blankets fit better.

Trimming your horse around his head and especially at the crown or poll will help your bridle fit better and allow a clean path to keep the head stall in place. Trimming his tail and fetlocks will give your horse a smooth, sleek look and make a lovely presentation. The trimmers and clippers from Horze along with scissors, combs and other tools will help you remove unwanted hair and show off your horse’s best look. Thinning scissors can help thin and pull the mane for a professional, neat look without the pain and fuss of traditional mane pulling. Horse trimming is a natural step in the grooming process and will make your horse happier, healthier and more attractive. 

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