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Dog crates and carriers

Dog crates and carriers

Dog crates are a safe haven for your pack leader. Dog carriers make trips and outings safe and effortless for the small dog in your life.
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Dog crates provide a safe place to sleep with privacy and comfort.

Dog crates are a useful training tool for your pet. Dogs are natural pack animals and providing a safe den and area where he can escape the daily activity of your home is a great comfort to your friend. Use a dog crate to keep him contained during quiet time or for sleeping. Many dogs naturally retreat to their crates for naps or peace and quiet. Crates are ideal for separating dogs for rest and safety.

Dog carriers are perfect for smaller canines.

Safely transport your pup on trips in the car or to the vet with a carefully designed dog carrier from Horze. Smaller dogs can be carried with a soft-sided carrier with gentle padding and pillow for comfort. Hard-cased carriers are ideal for transport and the shell is protective during travel. Dog carriers are safe and will keep your pet from becoming lost or injured while on the go.