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Horse Toys

Horse Toys

Toys for horses are ideal to keep bad stable vices away. Choose from a variety of equine toys to entertain your horse if he spends boring hours in his stall or paddock.
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Toys for horses will keep your friend entertained for hours.

Toys for horses are perfect to keep in the stall to relieve boredom. Horses on stall rest can develop bad habits and keeping them occupied with a toy can reduce the chance for cribbing or weaving. The fun toys offered by Horze can keep even the most rambunctious horse happy while in the stable. A ball to toss can keep your horse from going stir-crazy in the stall or paddock and is a safe, easy way to entertain him. The soft rubberized plastic of balls specifically designed for horse play are easy to grab in his teeth without doing damage. Horses can throw or kick the ball for hours of fun.

Equine toys for the paddock keep a solo horse from getting into trouble.

When you offer a soft, rubber ball to a single horse, he can have an instant playmate and spend his paddock time entertained. Horses pastured alone can grow bored and a simple play toy can provide a distraction. Keep your horse from developing a bad vice or trying to break down his fencing with a treat toy. This handy tool can be filled with treats, chunks of apples, carrots or other tasty snacks to keep him focused on the toy and away from trouble. Horses will kick and nudge this toy around the stall or paddock while attempting to pull the treat from the opening. Your horse will enjoy hours trying to remove the snack from the toy and won’t spend his time kicking or pawing or developing other bad habits during his alone time.

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