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Lunging provides added benefit when horse training or warming up before riding or competition. Equipment such as cavessons, whips and lunge lines are a must for every stable.
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Horse training begins on the ground and Horze has lunging products to aid with all of your groundwork needs.

Lunging is a great way to train, condition and school your horse before you hop in the saddle. Products such as lunge lines of soft nylon with sturdy brass snaps make are ideal for daily use. The durable lunge line will remain flexible and is the perfect length for any horse. Pair this with a lunging cavesson and your groundwork will be simplified. The fabric of Horze lunge lines is antibacterial and moisture-wicking so it will remain comfortable in your hand and will not slip with an easy-to-grip feel.

A lunging surcingle or draw reins can turn an ordinary training session into a true lesson.

Add any one of the training aids to your horse’s routine lunging session and customize your schooling to correct form and teach suppleness and roundness on the lunge. Draw reins used correctly can aid in transforming your horse’s topline and give an added bit of discipline to your daily lunging lesson. A lunging girth or surcingle allows for adjustments and positioning that are more difficult to attain while lunging with a saddle. Lunging is a great horse training tool when done correctly and will teach your horse to behave and respond from the ground. Bring Horze lunging equipment to your next event to help relax and calm the excited horse prior to riding and keep him safe and comfortable.

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