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Mare and Foal Supplements

Mare and Foal Supplements

Mare supplements are designed for a healthy breeding program and will help your broodmare pass many necessary nutrients on to her foal during pregnancy and nursing.
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Mare supplements are a smart way to guarantee your broodmare and foal receive proper prenatal nutrition.

Adding additional vitamins and minerals to your mare’s feed should be done under the care of your veterinarian to ensure she is receiving adequate nutrition during her pregnancy. Adding vitamins to help keep the mare and her unborn foal in proper health is essential. A balanced diet including plenty of high quality hay and the proper concentrated feed combined with just the right vitamins and minerals can give your mare and foal the best start in life. Use mare supplements with care to provide these necessary nutrients to her body to nourish her foal. The proper ratio of protein, calcium and phosphorous is needed to give mares the boost they need during the demands of pregnancy. Copper and zinc must also be increased during this time to ensure a careful balance of these essentials. While nature and a careful feeding regimen is usually adequate to ensure a healthy foal at birth, most veterinarians will test the mare’s levels to determine if there is a deficiency and to help with any imbalance. Horze carries supplements designed to help you provide only the best care for your pregnant mare and her foal.

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