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Salt Licks & Holders

Salt Licks & Holders

Salt blocks provide essential nutrients for your horse. Allowing your horse free access to enjoy a salt lick will keep him happy and healthy.
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Salt blocks are an essential part of the healthy horse’s diet.

Adding a salt block to the pasture or stall allows the horse to enjoy the freedom of licking salt when his body is craving it. Keeping salt available is essential to guarantee that horse’s receive this important mineral. A lack of salt in the diet can cause digestion and health problems. Leaving a salt block where your horse can reach it at all times is a smart solution to keep him healthy. Most salt blocks can be attached to a fence or holder or offered in a tray to keep it up off the ground to avoid premature melting and dissolving.

Salt licks are the ideal way to ensure your horse receives the sodium he needs for optimal health.

A salt lick in a sturdy holder is the ideal way to keep pastured horses from a sodium-deficiency. Keep salt licks in each paddock so your outdoor horses can enjoy salt licks in any weather. The salt lick holder will keep the block from melting and dissolving when it rains and keep it from getting soggy and unpalatable. Horses need salt to replenish the sodium they lose when they sweat during strenuous exercise or hot weather. Horze has the perfect solution to this problem with an assortment of salt lick choices.

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